American Homeowner Preservation Announces Crowdfunding Venture with Skid Row Housing Trust

Investors can earn up to 8 percent to help families facing foreclosure, homelessness

LOS ANGELES, CA American Homeowner Preservation (AHP) announced today a partnership with Skid Row Housing Trust and the launch of Skid Row AHP LLC, a real-estate investment platform allowing investors to earn up to 8 percent while helping people experiencing homelessness.

Skid Row AHP purchases distressed mortgages at risk of foreclosure to help keep families in their homes, while a portion of the earnings support Skid Row Housing Trust in providing affordable housing and services to people who have experienced homelessness.

“By partnering with AHP, whose mission is to increase the homeownership rate to 75% and erase the homeownership gap between white and minority families, we’ve created a winning combination for investors to earn a financial return while making a social impact.”

Skid Row AHP uses crowdsourced funds to purchase non-performing mortgages at a discount and then provides sustainable solutions to struggling homeowners.

AHP brings social responsibility, innovation, and a willingness to do-the-right-thing to the acquisition of non-performing mortgages.” said AHP Founder and CEO Jorge Newbery. “We create a purpose in addition to a preferred rate of return for investors.”

The Skid Row AHP Reg A Offering accepts investments of as little as $100. The Offering returns up to 8% annually with monthly distributions to investors, provided that the investment stays within the offering for at least two years. If funds are withdrawn earlier than two years, returns will be lower. Skid Row AHP endeavors to return the principal investment within five years of the investment. To date, AHP’s prior offerings have not missed a monthly distribution. Returns are not guaranteed.

For more information about Skid Row AHP or to sign up to become an investor visit or call 877-559-7555.

About Skid Row:
Skid Row Housing Trust is a 501(c)3 nonprofit established in 1989 on a mission to help people who have experienced homelessness, prolonged extreme poverty, poor health, disabilities, mental illness and/or addiction so they can lead safe, stable lives in wellness.

About AHP:
AHP is crowdfunding an innovative solution to the homeownership problem faced by millions of Americans. AHP empowers investors, both accredited and non-accredited, to fund the purchase of distressed mortgages with the aim of helping families stay in their homes, all while generating compelling financial returns.

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